Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Swimsuit Season Sucks

With the big beach trip rapidly approaching, along with it comes the even more exciting swimsuit season. It is time to take out the pasty white thighs and drooping body parts and go stand in harsh department store lighting to find a swimsuit that doesn't offend the masses.
The problem with bathing suit shopping is that we all seem to think we are supposed to look like this-

(Picture stolen from an actual Ukrainian bride website)

When in reality, we all feel more like this-

As good little Mormon Girls, we were all taught to not wear 2 piece bathing suits. I forget what the reasoning was behind that, something about modesty and our bodies being temples or something like that. But somewhere after college that all changed. Suddenly it's cool to wear 2 pieces for Mormon Girls. As if somehow there was a rite of passage that says, "Now that you are old and single, you need to show more skin so you can get a man." Which cracks me up, because I think I speak for most girls who would agree we all looked better in a 2 piece about 10 years ago.

So the drama continues. Swimsuit shopping just sucks.


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM


    REMOVE THAT 2nd picture now......What is wrong with you.

  2. Personally, I like my 1 piece swimming suits because I don't want to worry about a bikini top while playing in the ocean...although I would be showing more skin if there was a swimsuit malfunction......That being said, I think the "boy-shorts" with a tankini are really cute.

  3. Okay, I have to admit 9 times out of 10 I know who the anonymous posters are on here. (Thanks to my handy little statcounter.) But I can't figure out who this one is! Don't be skeered! Tell us who you are!

    And I can't take the picture down now! It's just too funny! Besides, I told y'all I've been losing weight. I don't look THAT bad anymore!

  4. justin1:29 AM

    I agree with anonymous. You really shouldn't be making fun of my girlfriend like that.

  5. Jules9:37 PM

    I did NOT give you permission to use my picture here. You'll be hearing from my lawyer soon...

  6. lol, and then there are those of us who DO look better now than 10 years ago. Dang, that's kind of pathetic, huh? LOL.


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