Thursday, April 06, 2006

time to talk about something more important, like West Wing

In just a few short weeks the best show ever on television will be coming to an end. "The West Wing" has been the one show I have watched religiously ever since the very first episode. In honor of it's pending death, I thought it would only be appropriate to give it a 21- quote trivia salute. Some are obviously much easier than others. Feel free to add your favorite quotes and post your answers below.

President Josiah Bartlet: Congratulations. So, who is da man on this one?
GUESS: I think this time we're collectively da men, sir.

2. GUESS: When you flirt with me, are you doing it to get a story?

3. GUESS: Hon, is this like nerd hot talk?

4. GUESS: Mr. President, if you could also see your way clear to not answering that question like an economics professor with a big old stick up his butt, that would be good too.

5. GUESS: If you were in an accident, I wouldn't stop for red lights.

6. GUESS: Can I just say something for the future? *I* can sign the president's name. I've got his signature down pretty good.

7. GUESS: The theme of the Egg Hunt is "learning is delightful and delicious" - as, by the way, am I.

8. GUESS: Because it's next. Because we came out of the cave, and we looked over the hill and we saw fire; and we crossed the ocean and we pioneered the west, and we took to the sky. The history of man is on a timeline of explorations and this is What's next.

9: 17 across. Yes, 17 across is wrong... You're spelling his name wrong... What's my name? My name doesn't matter. I am just an ordinary citizen who relies on the Times crossword for stimulation. And I'm telling you that I met the man twice. And I recommended a pre-emptive missile strike against his air force, so I think I know how...

10. GUESS: Post - after, after hoc, ergo - therefore, "After hoc, therefore" something else hoc.

11. GUESS: Toby, come quick. Sam's getting his ass kicked by a girl.
Toby Ziegler: Ginger, get the popcorn.

12. GUESS: My mouth is dry, my hands are wet and I have to pee.

13 GUESS: Number of people killed last year retrieving change from a vending machine: four. Number of people killed by a wolf attack: zero. I don't know. I mean, maybe the vending machines fall on them while they're getting their change.

14. GUESS: You don't get enough roughage in your diet, Mr. President, you know I'm right about that.

President Josiah Bartlet: I know I'd like to beat you senseless with a head of cabbage, I know that for damn sure

15. GUESS:[Talking about Ainsley Hayes] I'm going to tell you something, Toby. I don't think it's that she's a Republican, I think it's that she's a Republican woman and she's good-looking. Toby Ziegler: Those three things, when in combination, usually spell 'careerism'.

16. GUESS: "I need to see my bed, I'm thinking of carrying a picture of it on my wallet."

17. GUESS: "...Where's my jet pack, my colonies on the Moon?"

18. GUESS: "I'd pretty much do anything to avoid using 'Mr. President' and 'your daughter' in the same sentence."

19. GUESS: You are a smart and savvy woman who could easily consider world domination as her next career move.

20. GUESS: "There's this thing called the Constitution. It's a nagging little document, I'll grant you..."

21. GUESS: It's big block of cheese day!


  1. 1. Toby
    2. CJ
    3. Abby
    4. ?
    5. Donna
    6. Margaret
    7. CJ
    8. Sam (oh, I miss Sam!)
    9. ?
    10. ?
    11. Josh
    12. ?
    13. CJ
    14. The President's 1st Secretary--not Lily Tomlin
    15. ?
    16. WIll
    17. ?
    18. CJ
    19. Charlie
    20. Will
    21. Toby

    How'd I do??

    "This just in: the Internet is not a fad." - Hoynes

    "I'm going to make a suggestion which might help you out, but I don't want this to be mistaken for an indication that I like you." -Toby

    "Sir, I need you to dig in now. It wasn't a nightmare, you really are the president." -Charlie

    "Nature, like a woman, will seduce you with its sights and its scents and its touch, and then it breaks your ankle, also like a woman." -Oliver

  2. Well, my post is about Sorkin and Fey.....No photos of Whitford and Maloney have graced my blog....yet.

    Hey, wanna come over on Sunday and watch the episode?

  3. "be a man and call her"
    "How can I be a man when I'm the victim here."

    paraphrased, because I only saw it once.

  4. Tara- All but one.

    Joy- Yes, a viewing night would be great! (And I think your quotes were Josh and Sam talking about Amy.)

  5. joy. i wanna come!

  6. erin-nope one of the characters is correct however.

    tara-come on over!


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