Thursday, April 27, 2006

you're so vain, you probably think this post is about you

No, I'm not so vain as to randomly post pictures of myself online. I have a perfectly good reason for posting these pictures here. Someone needs pictures of me, and the attachments aren't going through. So stealing them from the blog makes the most sense. But I didn't want to bore you with old pictures of me. So I made sure they are pictures that certain friends can at least get a kick out of seeing. For instance, what is more appropriate than a picture of me having a special moment with my Blackberry at a social function? Or a picture in Amsterdam (with Tara)? Or holding my favorite little baby girl cousin? After all, what am I if not a travelling Blackberry addict with a thousand cousins? ( this post will be deleted as soon I get word that the person has copied them.)


  1. ah. i miss amsterdam!

  2. I know! Me too! I was thinking about it last night and how beautiful it must be right now with all of the flowers in bloom along the canals... And the smell of fresh pot lingering in the air...


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