Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the beach is coming, the beach is coming!!!

I'm packing for the big trip. The contents so far-

3 different pairs of cargo khaki shorts (maybe it's time for me to invest in a different color)
2 capri jeans
1 regular jeans
1 pair black sandals
1 pair black flip flops
1 pair black hybrid tennis shoes/sandals/water shoes
1 sunday dress (we are mormon after all)
1 gray sweat suit
1 pink sweat suit
1 baggy white cardigan sweater
10 tee shirts (3 with my employer's name on them, 3 with obnoxious statements on them, the rest plain) (which makes me think i need more obnoxious ones)
1 bikini- black
1 one piece- black
1 bikini red
1 one piece- pink and black
books- "walk in the woods," "devil wears prada," "deception point," "anne of avonlea," "anne of island," and more to come. A lot more.
3 nail polish colors
1 yoga exercise ball
1 camera
1 firewire to transfer pics from camera to blog

The real question is, have I packed enough sweats? Ooh, towels. Can't forget the beach towels. Am I forgetting anything?? One full week at the beach!!! I can't wait!!! Solitude, hot tub, writing, and sleeping!!!!! YEAH!!!!

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