Monday, May 01, 2006

getting a complex

As many of my friends know, I have a love/hate relationship with my statcounter. I go for long stretches where I never bother to check it, and then little spurts of addiction where I obsessively check it multiple times a day. And today it gave me a complex.
One of the things the statcounter shows is how people got to the website. 90% of the hits I get don't show a trail, or in other words, you aren't following a link. You either type it in directly or it's bookmarked or something. But I can also see if you have followed a link from Tara, Steph, Hardy's, etc websites. I can also see if you have googled my name for some reason. And that is what is giving me a complex. How many people googled my name today.
To be honest, I can't track back most addresses. There are certain people I know for sure, such as "Palm Bay, FL Road Runner" (hello Jules), and AOL Reston (hello Gwen). But there are a lot of you I have no idea about. In general I get between 30-40 hits a day, not counting "multiple page loads." Multiple page loads means the same person came back multiple times in one day. I ignore that number and only look at unique visitors and returning visitors. I pretty consistently get 26 returning visitors a day, and about 5-10 new visitors a day. But today for some crazy reason I had over 30 NEW visitors a day, and 40 returning visitors. And that is why I'm a little wierded out.
How anonymous are you from me? Well, for the most part I can't track an IP address beyond, "Comcast Arlington," which gets more than half my hits in a day. Some with "Cox Comm, Vienna." But there are other ones that are obvious to me, such as "KPMG New Jersey" (hi Ann).
So back to the googling thing. I doubt the person will come back tomorrow, so I won't be too discreet. There is someone I'm not sure I'm on good terms with. For the record, I harbor no ill will. But things are a little sketchy there still. I emailed that person today, and within minutes of sending the email my name was googled from said person's place of business. Now it is entirely possible that it isn't that person, and it's just a coincidence. But the same person, whomever they may be, went and read EVERY single page on my blog. Every last archived page. And that is what I think is a little wonky.
I think it is great that there are so many people who continuously read this that I have never met. I have plenty of blogs that I lurk on and love to check up on. But does it bother anyone else that someone would google their name and then read every page of the archives?
Maybe it's just time for me to turn off the statcounter and live in peace?


  1. jules8:56 AM

    Hello from Palm Bay road runner! Quit cyber stalking and live in peace.

  2. It's the crack-counter!


  3. Maybe they're just bored. I know that when I have nothing to do at work (like today) I go blog surfing. If I find a blog that I think is entertaining I will, like your google friend, read every single entry (again, did it today).

    I am aware that this makes me sound a little crazy, but that's ok. I have to do SOMETHING to make the day go by.


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