Tuesday, May 30, 2006

If You're a Single Woman, Here Are Your Chances of Getting Married

What We Said 20 Years Ago - Newsweek Society - MSNBC.com

This has to be the most depressing, and yet accurate, thing I have read in ages. Is it true? Or do I choose to ignore that everything I have worked to earn for myself- my independence, my job, my home, my life, is what will keep me from getting the last thing on my list, a husband? If I won't settle for anything less in a man, why would I want a man who would settle for less in me? I agree with the article. But that doesn't mean I'll change my way of hoping and thinking the world SHOULD be.

Excerpt- (defining my social life way too way)
William Novak, author of "The Great American Man Shortage," calls it the " 'I'm okay you'd better be perfect' syndrome." Yuppies are, after all, survivors of the Me Decade, whose emphasis on self-fulfillment often translated into an inability to commit to others. The result, for many singles, has been a string of serial relationships that ultimately disappoint. Then, says Denver social worker Michael Pass, "something between pessimism and reality sets in. People get scared. The defenses begin to build up."


  1. The main conclusions of the study that article is based on, though, dealt with baby boomers hit by the "marriage squeeze." Our chances are supposedly better. I'd like to see a similar study done with our age group in mind. But it does tend to be that singles in the church are perpetually stuck in the 80s as far as statistics go. No one has done a reliable survey on numbers of men vs. women in the church since 1981. It's probably just as bad numbers-wise as it ever was--and probably worse, now that we're in our 30s--but without reliable data for *our* generation, nobody really knows what the statistical picture is.

    I just wrote a post on my LJ about my new bishop that I think I'll open up (I'd originally done it as friends-only) that addresses a personal side to this issue.

  2. Oh, and this inspired me to a rant of my own this morning. :) But the post I referenced above is two posts below the most current one.


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