Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i'm a little bit busy

May 19- Attend first meeting of a political activist group. More details later.
May 20- Big bridal shower.
May 21-23- Go to Wisconsin. And really, what spells happiness more than a trip to WI?
May 26-June 3- Vacation! Write the great American novel while swinging in a hammock, sipping two pina coladas, one for each hand. Wait, how will I write if both hands have a pina colada? Hmm… guess I need to bring a man in a loin cloth and a giant feather to hold the drinks for me. Any volunteers?
June 3- Pirates of Penzance with Rae at Wolf Trap
June 8- Jewel concert at Wolf Trap with Sherpa
June 10- Angela’s wedding.
June 14-16- go to Houston for big work thing
June 17- Paint the Town Red Day.
June 18-21- Orlando to visit a Sheriffs convention. Staying in one helluva nice hotel.
June 21-23- Tampa- actually finish working on the 22nd, so the 23rd is just a play day. Will be spent with two adorable fairy god-daughters at Busch Gardens FL. (I hope! Will their mommy let them come out and play?)
Jun 30-July 4- There will be a road trip or hiking somewhere.
July 8- Big singles party at big beautiful location in McLean
July 10-14- Girls Camp

There must be a mistake in there somewhere. That can’t really be every single week between now and July 8 already booked??


  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    "i would love to feed you drinks and pamper you during your vacation! WHy would any man refuse such an offer with a woman as beautiful as you?? thnanks for your friendship and conversation. Even if I do have a college degree and cant spell!

  2. this list looks vaguely familiar.


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