Monday, May 01, 2006

I've been noticing a recurring phenomena lately among certain guys. They are the nice guys that are friends with every girl you know. They always seem to be in tow of a group of girls. In the past I have preached against the Harem Effect. This is the opposite of the Harem Effect. The Harem Effect means that one guy has a whole harem of girls that follows him around. This is Queen Bee Effect, where one girl has a whole boodle of friends who follow her and one guy she swarms and keeps within her reach.
But this is about the guy, not the girl, in this scenario. These guys tend to be the nicest and most lovable guys around. A girl will latch herself onto him and begin to direct his social life. Of course, she wants the guy for herself, but since he hasn't figured out yet that she has ulterior motives, he just goes along. After all, she's a nice girl, why shouldn't he?

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