Monday, May 15, 2006

New Goal for the Week- Lift Curse

I think it is highly possible I am cursed by the gods of interstate shipping.

Leaving the name of my place of employment out of this, and assuming you all know what sort of products my company ships, I shall explain.

On Friday I shipped 5 cases of products via out of Accokeek, MD to Albuq. NM. I also shipped 3 boxes of giveaways out of the VA warehouse via UPS to Albu.

At 2 am on Saturday morning I got the urge to check the shipping on my products. And according to my cases were not in the system. Not good.

Multiple phone calls, etc to Fed Ex did not lead me to think things were going to improve.

And then, just for poops and giggles, I tracked my UPS packages.

And that is when it was really confirmed that I am cursed.

They shipped just fine and arrived in Albu. which is where things went wrong. The shipping center in New Mexico has flooded. They can't ship anything out until tomorrow.

Have I convinced you I am cursed yet? Or do I need to tell you the experience just 2 weeks ago where Fed Ex mysteriously seperated by 4 cases of products and "accidentally" sent one to the wrong state, and somehow the keys to the cases, (always sent independently) were lost and then found in the driver's truck?

So I sit and wait in my curse for a few hours. No word from Fed Ex. I finally give in and call them back. They track all packages out of our facility, and let me just say that is a lot. They do find 5 packages going from Accokeek to Albuquerque. But the tracking numbers aren't even close to the ones I have for them. We're not talking inverted digits. We're talking completely different numbers. Which is what to discover there is some bizarre glitch in their online system, but my packages have shipped just fine. In fact, they are being delivered within the hour. Even though the website is still telling me they are not in the system. Bizarre.

So I wait a few more hours and call UPS again. In spite of the flooding, some packages were able to ship out of the facility. And by some packages, I mean only my packages.

And let me just add that my sexy raspy hacking squeaky coughing mouse voice only added to the enjoyment of the day.


  1. It's usually "just for kicks and giggles," just so you know. And did you send something with UPS? I don't understand--if you sent it with FedEx and they finally found at least some of them, why is UPS shipping your packages?

  2. I'm pretty sure she was going for the illusion of the more coarse and common form of the phrase rather than the more gentle derivative which is "kicks" and giggles

  3. Stacer- Sorry, I'll clarify. I personally shipped several cases with Fed Ex. My warehouse in another state sent promo materials to New Mexico for me as well via UPS.

    And yeah, I was going for the crude. It fits my mood.

  4. Huh. I'd never heard that form of the phrase before.


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