Friday, May 19, 2006

Oops, did I really not plan this right?

I can't believe this. This has never happened to me before. But I have not planned and scheduled something right. This might be the sign of something serious!

Today around 3 pm it hit me that I have plans all Friday night, from the minute I leave work till midnight. And then I'm leaving for my great-uncle's funeral around 7 am, and not getting back till late at night on Saturday. Sunday morning is wheels up for a 6 am flight to Wisconsin. (We'll mock "Tomah, WI" later.) And I don't get back till Tuesday evening. I'm home 48 hours, and then I leave for the beach for a week. And I haven't packed or thought any of this out yet. So I did a rush packing job tonight for Friday-Tuesday. It is always stressful for me to have to pick out clothes for a funeral. My great-uncle was 88 years old and died very peacefully. There will be, according to my estimates, over 300 cousins at this funeral. And while my family is very well-behaved, we're not a quiet people. There will be food and reuniting of family and friends. I very sincerely suggested to my dad today that we consider wearing name tags at the family functions this weekend. He very sincerely told me no. I'm just thinking it would make things a lot easier, and a lot less embarassing when you can't recall someone's name. This also takes off the stress of knowing whether or not it is safe to flirt with someone. (And no, it is not safe to flirt with a cousin. It is safe to flirt with people from your great-uncle's "other side" of the family.) With over 300 cousins, you don't necessarily know if the person in front of you is related or not. A name tag would help. But alas, apparently they are not acceptable at a family funeral.

Anyway, back to my point. Clothes for a "not sad" funeral. I suddenly realized that I wear a lot of pink and black, and neither are really appropriate for this funeral. Very strange. Anyway, I had to pack for that, plus for a 40 degree span in temperature and possible showers in Wisconsin.

But now for the things I haven't had time to plan out- when I'm going tanning before the beach, when I'm going to buy a bathing suit before the beach. Don't even get me started on losing 10 more lbs by next Friday. When will I go to the library to get my much needed 20 books for the beach? Plus there are tons of things I need to be doing for my church calling right now. And I completely forgot to plan all of this. Me- forget to plan! This has never ever happened before. Next thing you know, boys will start calling me again, and pigs will fly out of my butt!

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  1. I could have lived my whole life w/o that last visual.

    Just FYI.


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