Monday, May 08, 2006

You know it's Monday when...

1. You have to kick your roommate out.
2. Her response, "No, you move out!"
3. You call the police to start a restraining order against her and her violent outbursts.
4. Your car won't start in the rain.
5. You have a migraine before you even get to work.
6. You have so much to do at work your brain hurts.

Someone please send happy thoughts and chocolate my way.


  1. Happy thoughts sent. And I wiggled my nose, so some chocolate should be on the way. Course my nose has been acting up a little lately...

  2. I have LOTS of chocolate at my house...although coming to collect might be a bit difficult since I can't confirm that our new house guest has moved on...

  3. I'm sorry.

    there's some chocolate at my house...but our houseguest has a thing for chocolate, and is probably eating some as I write.


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