Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Caldwell Chicks and Cali's Big Day

Friday was my travel home day- by way of Palm Bay, FL. If I am in FL, obviously I have to make a trip to visit the Caldwell Chicks (and their big, sweaty daddy). So in our usual fashion, we did lunch and went shopping. Here's some fun lunch pictures!

This is the picture that also explains why the waiter assumed I was Cali's mom.

But there is never any question as to who Andi's mommy is! (There will never be a picture of Andi snuggling with me- it generally takes her about 3 days to warm up to me. We did make progress on this trip- she hugged me when I left!)

During lunch Cali mentioned her tooth was a bit wiggly. She demonstrated it, but we saw little evidence that the tooth fairy needed to visit the bank. In fact, in this picture you can't tell that there's anything wrong with her teeth at all... (Cali smiles like the best of us as children, and it's rather difficult to find a picture with her lower teeth in it!)

Shortly after we took this picture, she demonstrated again that her tooth was wiggly. I suggested she go chew on some ice, or bring me a rope. She didn't like the rope idea, but surprisingly she did get the ice. The only reason I suggested it was the idea that maybe if she ate ice it would
numb her mouth and we could yank the tooth while I was still there. This was 30 minutes before I had to leave, so I really didn't expect it to happen. So we took more pictures.

There is no explanation for this picture. But I think it does deserve a caption contest!

Or this one really.

So Juli and I are hanging out, looking at pictures of houses in upstate NY (where they are moving in a few weeks- only 7 hours away from me! YEAH!!!)! And Cali comes back in, mouth full of ice, and says, "Now my tooth is really loose!" So Juli reaches over to wiggle, it and it just falls out! Cali asks, "Do you think it will come out today Mommy?" completely unaware that her tooth had fallen out.

The evidence-

Side story to all of this- Andi, a true younger sister, always doing just what her older sister has done, also was eating some ice, and asking if it would make Cali's teeth fall out. When she saw the blood in Cali's mouth, she promptly spit the ice out of her own mouth.

So apparently my idea to chew on ice really does make a tooth fall out. Who knew? Either that or Cali really worked that tooth good all day. Maybe a little of both!

It wouldn't be fair to leave out a picture of Bryan (taken by Andi). After all, he is 50% responsible for the Caldwell Chicks, even if he is the one who stole Juli away from me. And it is his hard work that is moving them all to Rochester, where I can visit them a lot more often! Yeah!

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