Monday, June 12, 2006

A Classic Dallin Story

Three posts in less than 24 hours. A true indication that I am confined to my bed and sick (again). My bronchitis/laryngitis is back full force. Therefore, I can't talk to anyone, but I can sit on my computer and talk all night!

For those who don't know my darling nephew Dallin, let me introduce you first. He's puts the terror in holy terror. He makes Dennis the Menace look like Dennis the Dull. He's always up to something, and is the source of never ending amusement in my life. (The story before this story about Dallin was how his mother found a toy figurine in Dallin's younger brother's diaper. When she asked Dallin how it got there (presumably the 18 mo old didn't put it there himself), he explained he didn't have pockets and wanted to save it for later. Conveniently his baby brother walked by at just the right time and with an extra large pocket on him.) But I digress...

So here is today's Classic Dallin Story. As told to me by his mother just moments ago...

Nats: so Dallin...
Nats: found gum in his car seat and thought he should put it in his hair
erinannie: oh darling little dallin
Nats: no big deal he has done this before...
Nats: so we arrived at our cousins house and then a while later I remembered to cut it out with scissors
Nats: but dallin had been working that wad of gum out of the top of his head for a long time
erinannie: oh no
Nats: and he pulled out - ACTUALLY PULLED OUT! a clump of hair
Nats: the size of a quarter
Nats: directly on top of his head
erinannie: OW
Nats: it looks like someone took a bic razor to him
Nats: it is hideous
Nats: and a bit freakish
Nats: he looks like a balding dog
Nats: everyone gasped when the saw him and asked if it hurt and he said "no"
erinannie: lol
Nats: the hair came out by the roots not broken off, it really is bizarre
Nats: and then today, he was being very good under the pew in church and then towards the end of sacrament he said "Look mommy"...
erinannie: uh oh
Nats: And I looked and saw that he had EATEN 1/3 of a page from the hymnal
Nats: you can't make this stuff up!
Nats: my mouth dropped, I looked all around to see if anyone else had seen it
Nats: so someday someone will open up that hymnal and say "what the! why is this page half eaten? who would eat a page is the better question"

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