Tuesday, June 06, 2006

dang it all, i really do not like blogger sometimes

I just wrote a nice little blog pointing out the new links on the side, and mocking Curtis in particular. But then when I went to hit publish post the entire thing was lost instead. GRRR!!!! It is too late and I am too tired to do a fancy little post hyperlinking all the new links to Jules, Rae, Curtis, Jonathan, Valerie, and Oliver, all over again. But trust me, it was a very nice post.

Jules is actually using Yahoo 360, so it may not work for everyone. She is one of my oldest, and most certainly my closest friend. We've been co-writing together for a few years now, but our column is coming to an end very soon.

Rae/Rachel is a good friend that I have roadtripped with multiple times now. She just had a birthday this week! Happy Birthday Rae!

Curtis is the Numba 1 Hasselhoff Fan. I'm not really sure if he's for real or not, but check him out anyway. He's one of my "Internet Boys."

Jonathan is my cousin, recently engaged, and professional photographer. I had a bad link up for him for a while there. Check out his new Deviant Art page, particularly his shots from Coachella.

Valerie is a wonderful friend, and talented graphic artist. She has actually built her own website! Check her out!

And as most of you know, I have a soft spot in my heart for the blogs on Cancer Kids. Oliver is another one of the children I have been reading about. It looks like they have stopped his leukemia, but he's still in pretty rough shape right now. Oliver and his family could use your love and prayers. (As could Rebekah and Joshua as well.) I don't actually know any of these cancer kids, but have come to love their families quite a bit over the last year.

I'm always on the lookout for a new and interesting blog to become addicted to. Feel free to leave suggestions in the chatterbox or in the comments section. Oh and always feel free to use the chatterbox! I love getting random messages all day!

My blogging will probably slow down a bit as I travel a lot in June. There's a lot going on right now and it's all a bit much to stay on top of. Just to give you an idea- first a Jewel concert, a wedding, big planning meeting, a trip to Texas, a huge event, a 6 day trip to Florida (I get to see Juli and the girls for 1 day), home, another wedding, and then a possible trip to Utah to see my sister. And let's not forget work a 50 hour week, buy a new car, and finish writing a novel. All in all, I'm a bit overwhelmed and ready for another vacation.

Thanks to all my friends who made my vacation so fun and understood my need for solo time and quiet. It was a great trip!

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