Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I don't want to sip cider through a straw ever again

In just two short weeks I will be at Girls Camp corrupting the minds of the innocent young ladies trapped in the woods with me. This year I have a mere ten third level girls, as compared to last years' 23 4th year girls. One of the highlights for me this year is that some of my girls from last year are returning to be YCL's (Youth Camp Leaders for those of you not in the know). Which means, if nothing else, I'll know 3 of the 15 names I'm expected to learn.
I have a favor to ask of the blogging world. Please save me from 15 rounds of Sippin Cider.
(True, I do plan to sip some cider in the near future, but not while I'm at camp) I need new camp songs. I need a refresher course in all songs sung in the woods. The only ones I know are Sippin Cider and Trippin Billies. And somehow I don't think Trippin Billies will go over well at girls camp. So if you have a great, cute, and catchy song I can teach the girls (after all, it is one of our "requirements" this year- "teach a song or game to a group"), bring it on! Use the comments feature and sing along!

Songs I need lyrics to-
A Boy and a Girl in a Little Canoe (preferably the "oakton ward" version, aka the "dirty girls" version)
I Love the Mountains, I Love the Firesides
Spiders Web (one of my cousins has to be reading this and know it!)
Any song not involving ants marching 2 by 2, or bugs getting squashed or eaten
The one about frogs going kerplop
Any other song you can think of! I've got to entertain these girls for 3 days! I don't think they have forgiven me for last year's accidental 5 mile hike mishap!


  1. Perry7:38 AM

    This website has some songs, including perhaps the one you mentioned, about frogs and other pond life:

    Have fun!

  2. AH... gotta love Girl's Camp! I use to live for it... except for the whole camping thing, its not half bad. Here are the lyrics to Spider's Web:
    Part A
    Its a web, like a spider's web
    Made of silver light and shadow,
    Spun by the moon in my room at night.

    Its a web made to catch a dream,
    Hold it fast till I awaken,
    As if to tell me my dream is of you.

    Part B (slower)
    Its a web....
    like a spiders web.
    Spun by the moon in my room at night.

    Its a web....
    Made to catch a dream.
    As if you tell me my dream is of you.

    Have a great time at camp!

  3. The words I can barely recall to our girls camp frog Song went:

    Down By the banks of the Hanky Panky
    Where the Bullfrongs jump from Bank to Banky
    With an eeps Ips ops bottle caps
    (Then there was a line I never really learned but I swear it sounded like:)
    Sea sunk a dilly and a

    Complete with hand was more of a game the last girl in won...something..who knows what.

  4. Maybe someone can help remember this.

    You get a BIG group in a circle.
    and in 'the wave' fashion you make rain.

    If I recall...
    It starts with finger snapping.
    then when you make it round the circle to person number one, they slap hands lightly on their legs, then the next round is stomping your feet... and you take it back down to slapping hands, then down to finger snapping.

    Sounds like a rain storm. I remember thinking it was pretty cool.

    But remember it's done in the round (like row row row your boat) or like the wave (at football stadiums)


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