Thursday, June 15, 2006

Meet My New Baby

This is my new baby, and my first effort at commitment in a very long time. I've determined that she is a very sassy girl. She's a Pontiac Vibe 6 speed GT and likes to go very fast. So far she and I have managed to go over 100 mph, and I'm itching to go faster (just not on 95 Northbound). That 6th speed is like a little magic turbo boost button that makes me want to light the afterburners and take off!

She has some fun accessories, including a laptop table (which came with the safety instruction "not to be used by the driver while the vehicle is in motion"). It is possible that this small accessory was a selling point for me, and that I am officially the biggest nerd ever. But mostly the selling point was all the rugged and sporty features on it, including space for all my camping gear in the back.
I'm ready for a road trip! Who's in?


  1. wanna race punk?

    she looks like a lot of fun!

    enjoy her

  2. Sounds fabulous. Where are we going! When do we leave!!


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