Tuesday, June 20, 2006

You know you've reached the high life when...

... there's a mini plasma TV in your bathroom.
Last night was an absolute blast. I convinced Co-Worker Chris to go with me to Jelly Rolls, one of my absolute most favorite places on Earth. It's a dueling piano sing-along bar that I was once a regular fixture at. Ten beers (Chris), 6 Diet Cokes (me), 1 Sprite (also me), 2 baskets of popcorn, and 6 song requests later, a good time was had. (a little over $100 between the two of us) I "sang alonged" my heart out (showing Chris the "real" Erin- something that rarely occurs on company business), and surprisingly didn't make my voice any worse than it already was.
Now I'm in Tampa at a SOCOM event. Four more days of shows and hotels! Yee-haw.
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