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Only in West Virginia

It's 9:15 pm in Chez ErinAnnie, and a blazing 90 degrees inside my apartment. Strangely enough that is the same temperature outside where there isn't air conditioning. But I'm glad the landlords of Washington Lee Apartments think the a/c in here works just fine.

Don't you just love our fancy a/c system? Wall unit with mega fan set up directly in front of it for maximum air dispersement!

I know you can't really read this little magnet thermometer. But take my word for it, it reads 85 degrees at 10:45 pm. And for those of you wondering what this magnet is, he is the pissing boy statue from Brussels.

But let's talk about something other than sweaty armpits in your own house. For instance, let's talk about whitewater rafting! This weekend was the first McBride Extended Family and a Few Friends Whitewater Rafting Trip. This was a pet project of my father, who was excited to get the family together for something other than mashed potatoes. From the "Maur… - Socialite's son denies abuse claims - Jul 28, 2006 - Socialite's son denies abuse claims - Jul 28, 2006

This is a joke, right? They aren't really saying that a woman with a personal chef and 7 other servants, including nurses is being neglected?! What? She was forced to eat meals prepared with her nutrition and abilities in mind? And the chef was uninspired? Her personal chef was uninspired?! Well, go lock up that awful son of hers right now! Lock him in the gallows! Beat him in the town square! Without this outrageous lawsuit, think of all the neglected elderly out there that would be forced to shop off the racks, and buy their own groceries!
Oh the humanity!

Lactivists? - Lactivists: Where is it OK to breastfeed? - Jul 27, 2006

There's a big hooha going on about public breastfeeding. Over on Juli's 360 blog she very adamantly states her opinions on the subject. Juli, like other moms, takes the argument that breasts are first and foremost a body part meant for feeding, and not a sex object. I'm not going to argue with any of that. I agree. I won't even attempt to disagree.
Many women want it to be made a right or law that they should be allowed to breast feed in public. I do not agree. But before Juli blows a gasket, I'll explain further. Please breast feed your children! It is good and healthy for them. But as for your breasts, please, keep them covered. Yes, I think women should make personal effort to feed their children. But I don't think I should have to watch them do it. They can do it in a restaurant, bookstore, wherever, BUT KEEP'EM COVERED LADIES! And if your child doesn't like being covered up, go to a p…

McBride, Siskel, and Ebert

I can't recall if I have ever done a movie review blog before, but tonight I will. I have seen several movies in the last few weeks. The searing temperatures in my apartment force me to run off to the nearest movie theater and watch whatever is showing. As a result, I have seen the following and given them these reviews-

A Scanner Darkly starring Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrellson, and Robert Downey Jr. A lot of people claim they haven't heard of this movie, but once they have seen that it is the odd almost cartoonish real action movie, they realize they have. As for the cartoonish real action thing, it took some getting used to, but by the end I liked it. However, the movie left me with a sour taste in my mouth. If you can handle a movie about drugs and the seedy world surrounding it, I would recommend this movie. But if the slightest foul behavior turns you off, don't see it. It isn't for everyone to say the least.
3 stars out of 5

Cars What can I sa…

Vicodin is my friend

I am bummed that my first post after sharing bloglines with my friends is about a bodily function. Kidney stones and William Shatner- I have sunk to an all new low. But Shatner has inspired me. I am in the process of passing my own special little one right now, and have decided to auction it off for charity soon as well. Why should Shatner have all the fun? I mean, mine hurts like hell too! Someone should get to profit from it.

I have vicodin, so this process is getting much more tolerable. And I have lots of friends and TiVo. Ooh, and You Tube, You Tube helps a lot too. And don't forget the cranberry juice, lots and lots of cranberry juice.

I have a request of the blogosphere. Humor me. Seriously. I need funny jokes. Anything. Funny stories. Links to funny you tube videos. Endorphins are my only friend. Have you ever passed a kidney stone? Trust me, humor and laughter are all I got.

Of course, this may end up not being actual stones. But we've ruled out everyth…

My Gift To You- Bloglines

Bloglines -

Let me share with you the coolest gadget I have. It's called Bloglines, and I know some of you need it. How do I know? Easy. I can see on my statcounter that you load this webpage 50 times a day waiting to see if I have posted something new. And it's not that I don't love the pageloads, it's just that I want to be a good friend and make you life easier.

Bloglines is a website (that you will bookmark and check 50x a day- trust me) that will track all the blogs you read for you and tells you when there is new material on them. I have 45 blogs getting tracked on bloglines. It saves me tons of time hopping from page to page. Now I can just read the blogs right there on bloglines when there is new material.

Consider this your public service announcement for the day. I in no way benefit from you following the above link and making your own blogline. (Even though I think I should.)

Democrats Tweak the Primary Calendar

Democrats Tweak the Primary Calendar

Buried deep within the pages of the Washington today was a short piece about the changes made to the Primary and Caucus calendar. While at first this may seem inconsequential to some, these changes are actually very important.

Yesterday, the Democrats made big changes for 2008, adding two states to the perceived crucial early days of the presidential nomination process. Nevada will be placed in between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. South Carolina will come after New Hampshire but before Feb. 5, when any state can schedule a vote.

There will, of course, be some fall out when NH throws its fit over a state moving ahead of it in line. There is a NH state law that requires it to be the first primary. (not caucus) This is some major toe-stepping. But once the temper tantrums and historical appreciation are over with, there is a lot more to this change.

First, Nevada is big with the unions. That one thing alone can shape an…

And the beat goes on

First and foremost- thanks to Tara for putting together a fun tubing outing today. I am sure pictures and recollections of the day will show up on other blogs (Tara, Anne, and Shaka) soon.

I started working at Beretta a little over 2 years ago, and moved into my apartment shortly thereafter. So the whole time I have lived here I have also been getting used to the road warrior lifestyle. Because of the frequent bursts of travel I never truly get comfortable at home. My suitcase never really gets put a way. I clean it out, but it tends to stay at the foot of my bed for weeks on end until I need it again. I'm also very bad about buying groceries. Because I rarely get to eat at home, or when I am home I'm too exhausted to cook, most groceries/produce go bad before I can eat them. So my apartment rarely feels like a home to me. I've liked it here, but I'm not going to miss it. I haven't connected with either of my roommates since living here either, so it neve…

HHS Secretary's Fund Gave Little to Charity

Something smells like an anti-Mormon conspiracy to me!

First one of the most ethical and "straight arrow" members of Congress, John T Doolittle, is raked over the coals for fundraising activities. And now, just one week later, the Washington Post suddenly has breaking news that Secretary Leavitt also has questionable charitable practices .

Let's look at the cold hard facts.

1. Doolittle's alleged crime- his wife worked as a fundraiser. She kept all receipts. She did all of the work. Having personally been in her home I have no problem making the assertion that she probably made every single fundraising dinner from scratch, cleaned her home, and handwrote out every invitation. Why wouldn't she? She's one of the most amazing event planners in the world, and my personal inspiration to become one. She took a flat commission rate from every fundraising dollar she brought in. Apparently the Post doesn't think she should have done that.

2. Leavitt's alleged crim…

Oh what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is... HOT?

In case you have been living under a rock, or sitting too close to a computer screen lately, the East Coast is experiencing a little heat wave. Normally heat waves don't bother me much. I sit in an overly air conditioned cubicle all day, go out to my nicely air conditioned car, and proceed home to my barely air conditioned apartment. I try and venture outside every day for a "clean air" break, away from other people having a smoke break. Sometimes this is my only opportunity to see natural daylight and find out what the weather is really like.

Until this week.

Normally I am known for always being cold. Ask anyone who sits within ten yards of me! I keep a space heater under my desk, plus a shawl, and in the winter a jacket and/or scarf. I am ALWAYS cold. In my own home I tend to wear sweats in the summer because I really despise having cold air blow on me.

But oh no, not this week. This week has been too hot. I have walked around singing "It's Too Damn Hot…

Fly Me to the Moon...

Somewhere around the age of 9 I became aware of my very first "what I want to be one I grow up" dream. It was Christa McAuliffe, whom I am sure you all remember as the first teacher in space. For about one minute she made me want to be a school teacher too, so I could go into space, and then I saw "Space Camp" and realized I didn't want to be a teacher, I wanted to be an astronaut. Or at the very least, a kid with a pet robot who could "accidentally" shoot me into space.

My tenth birthday, 1985, was spent with my family in Orlando, where we had big plans to go see the Challenger shuttle launch. But like most launches it got delayed a few days, and we missed it. (or at least this is how my childhood memory remembers the experience) So just like every other school kid in America, I watched the Challenger Disaster live in a classroom.

When I lived in both Houston and Florida I took advantage of every opportunity to see various launches, visit the Sp…

One Sick Boy

As many of you know, I've been following the lives of several sick children for the past year. It all started with a little girl named Rebekah (link to her page on the side) who was fighting a rare form of cancer. She is 3 years old, and already a cancer survivor. While following the awful experiences of her life, and praying and crying for her family daily last summer, I came across little Maggie May's story. She was a little doll of a girl fighting a rare form of leukemia, and sadly succumbed to the disease last fall. (Joy, aka RubyG, has also been following these amazing kids.) And through both of those incredible families, I learned about Joshua and Oliver, little boys fighting cancer and leukemia as well.

If and when you ever feel like you are having a bad day, reading the stories of these kids and what their parents are enduring, will change your perspective on your life in a heartbeat. Recently, I've been reading the completely normal frustrations of both Jos…

Some people's children...

Some people's children just cannot take a normal picture. They're just inherently incapable of it. We are two of those children.

Saturday was the Beretta National Range Day. I had to attend a range event in Philly, so I brought along a few friends for the ride. (My new car's maiden road trip!) Joy, Amber, and Adam all braved getting up at the crack of dawn to join me up there. While I was working they did some sightseeing. They picked me back up for lunch, where we tried authentic Philly Cheesesteaks. No one was impressed. We're hoping it was just a tourist trap, although it really didn' t look like it. We also tried the outdoor Italian market and just walking around. And, of course, we paid homage to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

What It's Like for the Little Brother

Before- the brothers take off on a road trip

And after the road trip...

Beer Baron Coors Loses License for DUI

Beer Baron Coors Loses License for DUI: "DENVER -- Beer baron Peter Coors' driver's license has been revoked by a hearing officer who ruled the executive had been driving under the influence of alcohol, officials said."

Admit it, you know you're laughing.

The Top of the Hill

Lately I have had this feeling that I am standing at the top of a hill, holding several large bowling balls, preparing to let them roll down. In my head I know that as these balls roll down they will roll faster and faster and spin off into lots of smaller balls. While in Utah I saw an exhibit at the planetarium called, "Newton's Daydream." It involved dozens of balls rolling down dozens of tracks, bouncing off ledges and magically landing in baskets. Just like everyone else, I stood there mesmorized the laws of Newton and how in spite of the chaos of the tracks, moving balls, and spinning wheels, everything always ended up where it belongs. I wonder how many other people stood there seeing their schedule and responsibilities reflected in the organized chaos?

I keep looking at the next 3 months on my schedule and hoping that I have learned a few things from Newton. I've started the balls rolling slowly down the track, and I'm watching them get in motion, and…

Lawmaker Criticized for PAC Fees Paid to Wife

Lawmaker Criticized for PAC Fees Paid to Wife

This article is very eye-opening, isn't it? An entire article about 2 persons without one direct quote from either of them. There are indirect quotes and explanations from their staff, but not one quote from the Doolittles themselves. Is it because the Doolittles are hiding? Doubtful. It's because the Post will do anything to make a Republican, especially an ethical and conservative one, look bad.

I have read and re-read the article on Rep. John Doolittle and his wife, and I still can not identify anything illegal or unethical they are supposed to have done. Mrs. Doolittle worked on a commission basis – if she did not bring in any money, she would not have been paid. This is bad? The article says the PAC spent $40,000 over a 4-year period – that’s about $10,000 per year – on gifts for people who supported their PAC, which raised close to $1 million in the same time frame. This is bad? It seems the Post’s major complaint is …

Did someone say "family resemblance?"

There has a bit of discussion amongst the family as to who resembles whom. (Someone -jules/stacer- can correct my grammar and spelling later.) I think the following pictures will prove that the one of the boys looks just like me, one looks just like both of us, and the other one looks way too much like his mother.

Porter looks EXACTLY like his mother.

(We were deep into our Princess Leia phase. Oh to have sunstreaks, tans, and bikini bodies like that again!)

Dallin is a true hybrid between Natalie and me.

And try as my brother-in-law (Steve) may to claim Tell's genes, the kid is the spitting image of me.

(Sidenote to my mom- if you ever wonder how your daughters both turned out to be tomboys, please look at our Christmas presents- a punching bag, power tools, a race track, and Spider-Woman Underoos. Clearly Spider-Woman was the most tomboyish and least girly of the Justice League. She could kick wimpy Wonder Woman any day.)

He's Well Worth the Frequent Flyer Miles

My favorite picture of Porter.

Wednesday and Thursday in SLC

After we returned from the Independence Day festivities in Provo, we hit the town on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday we took the boys out for a waffle breakfast (where Tell ate Mac and Cheese and Fries), went to the Planetarium (where Natalie showed us how to walk on the moon), saw a movie about black holes, visited a water park thingamajig (Tell did NOT like it), got tacos, and some other stuff. After depositing the boys with their dad, Natalie and I took off for some girl time. What spells sister time more than pedicures, a movie, and sushi? Okay, well we couldn't find decent sushi, but we did get Mongolian BBQ, so close enough.
On Thursday we took the boys out to a garden near the U and let them run free. Porter managed to find a container of "almost compost" (apparently it needed to rot a few more weeks to really be compost- so in the meantime it was liquid crap, literally) and spill it all over the floor.
The trip has been a blast, but to be honest, I'm …

When on Mars...

Tell is demonstrating what a Martian looks like.

Brotherly Love

I asked Dallin and Porter to hug and smile for the camera. This is their version of both. Porter frequently makes this face when you ask him to smile. Dallin's smile changes with every click of the camera. You'll notice they are touching each other and calling this a hug though.

Brotherly Love- the Moment After


Got Milk?


I'm on Sale for $11.98

Today was also the first time I've ever been able to walk into a bookstore and "see" myself on the shelves. Good news Juli- we're on the shelves. The bad news- we're on sale. And not in alphabetical order.

Dallin's Better Side

Dallin loves nothing more than to pose for a picture. The fun part is never knowing exactly which smile or pose he's going to give you. After taking this picture, and Dallin examining the digital display he informed me he looks very handsome in this shot.

Tell of the Flowers

Some day my nephews are going to ask me why I made them pose in a flower bed. The answer will be, "to give to your future wife." That will not make them any happier.


Finally, a picture of Natalie and me. Apparently my hairdresser did a good job of getting my new color to match my "real" color. Natalie and I have nearly identical hair color now.

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians

Here are my two favorite little wild indians in their teepee showing me what "real" indians sound like.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Natalie poses beneath the waterfall in her first shampoo commercial.

Who's Got the Cutest Little Baby Face?

Porter does of course!

The Utah Diversion

I arrived late Monday afternoon into Salt Lake City. After my luggage was retrieved from its special flight, Natalie and 2 of her boys picked me up and took me to their house. This is my first time to see my sister's first owned home, so obviously I had to get the grand tour as soon as possible. When that was done Natalie informed me we were going down to Provo to stay overnight with her in-laws and participate in the Independence Day celebrations with them. I have been hearing for years how funny the Gresko family grandchildren can be. Within 12 months, all 5 of the Gresko children had baby boys. Two years later, they did it again. Two of my nephews- Tell and Dallin, are amongst this staggering number of little boys. I had been warned that it is a little boy heaven when they all get together, but I wasn't well prepared for what I experienced.
Remember that song from the movie, "Annie" where Carol Burnett drunkely walks around singing, "little girls, lit…