Saturday, July 22, 2006

And the beat goes on

First and foremost- thanks to Tara for putting together a fun tubing outing today. I am sure pictures and recollections of the day will show up on other blogs (Tara, Anne, and Shaka) soon.

I started working at Beretta a little over 2 years ago, and moved into my apartment shortly thereafter. So the whole time I have lived here I have also been getting used to the road warrior lifestyle. Because of the frequent bursts of travel I never truly get comfortable at home. My suitcase never really gets put a way. I clean it out, but it tends to stay at the foot of my bed for weeks on end until I need it again. I'm also very bad about buying groceries. Because I rarely get to eat at home, or when I am home I'm too exhausted to cook, most groceries/produce go bad before I can eat them. So my apartment rarely feels like a home to me. I've liked it here, but I'm not going to miss it. I haven't connected with either of my roommates since living here either, so it never felt like my apartment was my escape. It has always just been a place to go sleep and change clothes.

So I'm moving in a few weeks into a house with 2 girlfriends. It is a fully furnished house, and we will only be there for 11 months. Between my work schedule (we move in and then I leave for several weeks), getting adjusted to the new surroundings, and learning the patterns of new roommates, I'm wondering if and when it will feel like home to me there. I'm looking forward to the change- especially getting a yard, sunroom, and a kitchen you can actually walk around in. But I still wonder if it will feel like home when my boomarang table and Hitchcock pictures aren't there with me?

Now it is time to start the purging, cleaning, and packing. On the bright side I'm not really moving a lot of the furniture. On the downside I have to paint my entire apartment over again.

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