Monday, July 10, 2006

Did someone say "family resemblance?"

There has a bit of discussion amongst the family as to who resembles whom. (Someone -jules/stacer- can correct my grammar and spelling later.) I think the following pictures will prove that the one of the boys looks just like me, one looks just like both of us, and the other one looks way too much like his mother.

Porter looks EXACTLY like his mother.

(We were deep into our Princess Leia phase. Oh to have sunstreaks, tans, and bikini bodies like that again!)

Dallin is a true hybrid between Natalie and me.

And try as my brother-in-law (Steve) may to claim Tell's genes, the kid is the spitting image of me.

(Sidenote to my mom- if you ever wonder how your daughters both turned out to be tomboys, please look at our Christmas presents- a punching bag, power tools, a race track, and Spider-Woman Underoos. Clearly Spider-Woman was the most tomboyish and least girly of the Justice League. She could kick wimpy Wonder Woman any day.)

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  1. Use of who-->whom, absolutely correct. Pin a rose on your nose! :)


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