Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lawmaker Criticized for PAC Fees Paid to Wife

Lawmaker Criticized for PAC Fees Paid to Wife

This article is very eye-opening, isn't it? An entire article about 2 persons without one direct quote from either of them. There are indirect quotes and explanations from their staff, but not one quote from the Doolittles themselves. Is it because the Doolittles are hiding? Doubtful. It's because the Post will do anything to make a Republican, especially an ethical and conservative one, look bad.

I have read and re-read the article on Rep. John Doolittle and his wife, and I still can not identify anything illegal or unethical they are supposed to have done. Mrs. Doolittle worked on a commission basis – if she did not bring in any money, she would not have been paid. This is bad? The article says the PAC spent $40,000 over a 4-year period – that’s about $10,000 per year – on gifts for people who supported their PAC, which raised close to $1 million in the same time frame. This is bad? It seems the Post’s major complaint is that Julie Doolittle is good at what she does.

Hey Weisman and Birnbaum- do the real expose on them! Tell us exactly who those gifts were given to so we can decide for ourselves whether or not they were ethical! And while you are at it, tell us who else Doolittle is associated with, which watchdog groups have given him awards for his frugality, and for breaking open huge scandals in Congress.

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