Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Gift To You- Bloglines

Bloglines - www.bloglines.com

Let me share with you the coolest gadget I have. It's called Bloglines, and I know some of you need it. How do I know? Easy. I can see on my statcounter that you load this webpage 50 times a day waiting to see if I have posted something new. And it's not that I don't love the pageloads, it's just that I want to be a good friend and make you life easier.

Bloglines is a website (that you will bookmark and check 50x a day- trust me) that will track all the blogs you read for you and tells you when there is new material on them. I have 45 blogs getting tracked on bloglines. It saves me tons of time hopping from page to page. Now I can just read the blogs right there on bloglines when there is new material.

Consider this your public service announcement for the day. I in no way benefit from you following the above link and making your own blogline. (Even though I think I should.)


  1. sorry, that should have been my gift to you..i have been a bloglines addict for some time now. it makes life a lot easier!

  2. i've been using bloglines for several months now. can't live without it! i just knew there was a few people who didn't know about it (yet), that will love it now that they do know!

  3. Yay for Bloglines!

    I have used it on and off for over a year (much more on than off recently). I get lots of different news feeds and of course blogs.

    I currently have over 20 feeds (and almost 200 unread posts).

    One cool thing is that it also gives you updates for SmugMug galleries! Love SmugMug!

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that I still like to go the blog pages to see the 'true' layout. Bloglines streamlines it a little too much sometimes. I like to see peoples' creativity.

  5. oh yeah! going to the real blog is still essential. it just doesn't have the right feel otherwise. but bloglines just improves the process immensely!


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