Thursday, July 06, 2006

Not Yet His Favorite Aunt

Porter, it turns out, is just like his older brothers at this age- completely skeptical of Aunt Erin and her intentions. They would all give me this look that clearly read, "It looks like Mom, it sounds like Mom, but it's not my Mom. It needs to leave me alone with my Mom." This look is usually followed by a smack to whatever part of me they can reach at the time. Porter is showing his dislike for my companionship well in this picture.
Since this picture was taken however, we have made some great strides. He will laugh in my presence and give me high fives. Cute story- every time I ask for a "five" he comes running to slap my hand. I then reward him with a "good job!" To which he responds in his garbled 18 month old language, "goo-jah!"
We're also working on something else I taught both his brothers. The "where's your toes" game. I played the "this little piggy went to market" game so many times with Tell, always finishing it with the little piggy running wee-wee-wee- all the way home, right up to his nose, and then pinching it, that Tell called his nose "home" for a long time. I'm working on teaching Porter the same thing. So far he won't actually touch his own toes, but if I ask where they are he will either point at mine or his. So we're making progress.
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