Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is... HOT?

In case you have been living under a rock, or sitting too close to a computer screen lately, the East Coast is experiencing a little heat wave. Normally heat waves don't bother me much. I sit in an overly air conditioned cubicle all day, go out to my nicely air conditioned car, and proceed home to my barely air conditioned apartment. I try and venture outside every day for a "clean air" break, away from other people having a smoke break. Sometimes this is my only opportunity to see natural daylight and find out what the weather is really like.

Until this week.

Normally I am known for always being cold. Ask anyone who sits within ten yards of me! I keep a space heater under my desk, plus a shawl, and in the winter a jacket and/or scarf. I am ALWAYS cold. In my own home I tend to wear sweats in the summer because I really despise having cold air blow on me.

But oh no, not this week. This week has been too hot. I have walked around singing "It's Too Damn Hot" (a song from a musical I have forgotten the origin of), and SWEATING. Now let me explain something else- I never sweat. Ever. I can have the best work out of my life and barely glisten a bit. I just don't sweat. I have been in third world countries with less than adequate ventilation systems, and been just fine. But this summer in my apartment just plain SUCKS.

I have complained to the landlady. She informs me that the a/c works just fine. If we keep all our blinds and windows closed, and run both wall units full blast, we should be just fine.

Um, yeah right.

I tried taking pictures of the little magnet thermometer in various locations throughout my apartment, but it was just too tiny. You couldn't read the actual temperatures, therefore losing the dramatic effect I was going for. So you'll just have to take my word for it.

10 pm Tuesday night temps-
on the refrigerator- 80 degrees (approximately 5 feet from the a/c wall unit)
actually on the a/c unit- 77 degrees
in the living room- 85 degrees (a good 10 ft from the a/c unit)
and in my bedroom- furthest point from the a/c unit, with the ceiling fan going full blast- 95 degrees.

But the landlady insists it is working just fine. Good to know.

I have had to sleep in the living room, where it is considerably cooler, for the last few nights in a row. It helped, but I hate that I have to do it. I've been getting creative with evening activities to just keep me out of my own home. Movies, library, and grocery shopping can take up a few hours. Tonight I caved and just drove to my parent's house for a few hours. My mother has loaned me her nearly industrial strength fan. It has cooled my bedroom off to a mere 80 degrees!! Progress!! Unfortunately it also sounds like a typhoon in here, but I've slept through worse.

In the end, let me just say this. The management at Washington Lee Apartments SUCKS. The landlady, one Ms. Rose, is the absolute worst customer service provider I have ever met. I have lived here for 2 years, and have only survived because I travel 50% of the time. Our power went out this week, but only in the apartments. The hall lights stayed on just fine (they are not emergency lights). Was there any explanation given as to why we had no power for over 10 hours? No. Any apology from management? No. Do I expect it will happen again? You bet.

There is some satisfaction in knowing that if anyone were to google the name Washington Lee Apartments now, that they will most likely pull up this post. Future residents- beware. You've been properly warned.

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