Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Top of the Hill

Lately I have had this feeling that I am standing at the top of a hill, holding several large bowling balls, preparing to let them roll down. In my head I know that as these balls roll down they will roll faster and faster and spin off into lots of smaller balls. While in Utah I saw an exhibit at the planetarium called, "Newton's Daydream." It involved dozens of balls rolling down dozens of tracks, bouncing off ledges and magically landing in baskets. Just like everyone else, I stood there mesmorized the laws of Newton and how in spite of the chaos of the tracks, moving balls, and spinning wheels, everything always ended up where it belongs. I wonder how many other people stood there seeing their schedule and responsibilities reflected in the organized chaos?

I keep looking at the next 3 months on my schedule and hoping that I have learned a few things from Newton. I've started the balls rolling slowly down the track, and I'm watching them get in motion, and before I know it, they will spinning off in lots of directions. Hopefully, truly hopefully, I will have planned the tracks and balls and speed just right, and they will all land in that basket at the end of the summer.

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