Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ugliest Parade Costume Goes to...

On the Fourth we got up and joined the entire Gresko clan at the Provo Fourth of July parade. There were lots of floats, beauty queens, and completely questionable marching bands. This is the group that won the coveted "Natalie and Erin's Ugliest Costume Due to Extreme Attempts at Modesty Award."
It was fun to recognize friends in the parade, and then realize, "oh yeah, they aren't really friends from home. They are the senators from Utah." But they are still our friends anyway. It was a pretty good parade. Not surprisingly I liked the military floats the best. And the Air Force put on a pretty good show overhead for us throughout the morning.
After the parade the entire Gresko clan plus me went to Brick Oven and trashed the place. You haven't seen "family style" until you've seen the five zillion little boys invade one pizza place. When I was a student in Provo "back in the day" I was too poor to eat at Brick Oven more than once a year (when some kind relative or older adult friend would take me there). Between the flying fistfuls of pizza and macaroni, I had a fun time discovering that I liked the food there.
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