Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Utah Diversion

I arrived late Monday afternoon into Salt Lake City. After my luggage was retrieved from its special flight, Natalie and 2 of her boys picked me up and took me to their house. This is my first time to see my sister's first owned home, so obviously I had to get the grand tour as soon as possible. When that was done Natalie informed me we were going down to Provo to stay overnight with her in-laws and participate in the Independence Day celebrations with them. I have been hearing for years how funny the Gresko family grandchildren can be. Within 12 months, all 5 of the Gresko children had baby boys. Two years later, they did it again. Two of my nephews- Tell and Dallin, are amongst this staggering number of little boys. I had been warned that it is a little boy heaven when they all get together, but I wasn't well prepared for what I experienced.
Remember that song from the movie, "Annie" where Carol Burnett drunkely walks around singing, "little girls, little girls, everywhere I go, I see them"? I had my own version of that song ringing through my head as I met the Gresko brood. Little boys everywhere. Little boys running everywhere. Little boys screaming like banshees and running everywhere. And then we added the fireworks... Ay yi yi. (to the McBride cousins reading this, you'll understand me when i say, this was NOT a mcbride family gathering.)
Don't get me wrong, there are a few poor little girls enduring their onslaught of boy cousins. They were even cute sweet little girls. Too bad you couldn't hear a word they said over the Lord of the Flies and his Merry Men.
The Greskos' grandmother, Sandy, had purchased a $100 set of fireworks and we set them all off on Monday night. It was actually a pretty impressive display of home fireworks!
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