Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vicodin is my friend

I am bummed that my first post after sharing bloglines with my friends is about a bodily function. Kidney stones and William Shatner- I have sunk to an all new low. But Shatner has inspired me. I am in the process of passing my own special little one right now, and have decided to auction it off for charity soon as well. Why should Shatner have all the fun? I mean, mine hurts like hell too! Someone should get to profit from it.

I have vicodin, so this process is getting much more tolerable. And I have lots of friends and TiVo. Ooh, and You Tube, You Tube helps a lot too. And don't forget the cranberry juice, lots and lots of cranberry juice.

I have a request of the blogosphere. Humor me. Seriously. I need funny jokes. Anything. Funny stories. Links to funny you tube videos. Endorphins are my only friend. Have you ever passed a kidney stone? Trust me, humor and laughter are all I got.

Of course, this may end up not being actual stones. But we've ruled out everything else, and I have had them 5 times previous. I know it's going to be a stone, the doctors just haven't caught up with me yet. My body has always been faster than modern medicine.

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  1. FIVE Times! YUCK! Once was enough for me. Although I have not followed the docs recommendation very well. I just can't seem to give up the Diet Coke!

    As far as funny...have you checked out lately? There were a few new emails that I had not seen yet.

    Good luck!


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