Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wednesday and Thursday in SLC

After we returned from the Independence Day festivities in Provo, we hit the town on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday we took the boys out for a waffle breakfast (where Tell ate Mac and Cheese and Fries), went to the Planetarium (where Natalie showed us how to walk on the moon), saw a movie about black holes, visited a water park thingamajig (Tell did NOT like it), got tacos, and some other stuff. After depositing the boys with their dad, Natalie and I took off for some girl time. What spells sister time more than pedicures, a movie, and sushi? Okay, well we couldn't find decent sushi, but we did get Mongolian BBQ, so close enough.
On Thursday we took the boys out to a garden near the U and let them run free. Porter managed to find a container of "almost compost" (apparently it needed to rot a few more weeks to really be compost- so in the meantime it was liquid crap, literally) and spill it all over the floor.
The trip has been a blast, but to be honest, I'm thinking about having my tubes tied.
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