Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Tara's Big Birthday Weekend

Happy Tara's 30th Birthday!
In honor of the special occasion, Tara, Corey, Jill and I (and multiple friends in spirit) took a little road trip down to Virginia Beach. And as should be expected with any trip involving Tara and/or Corey, dozens of pictures were taken, and all renditions will be found on the neighboring blogs.

We drove down Friday night and stayed at the Holiday Inn, right on the water. You know how on some road trips there's that unspoken stress of getting a group to agree on everything? One of the most fun parts of this trip was getting to say, "It's your birthday, Tara! You pick!" No need for a group consensus (not that we wouldn't have agreed with her. I'm sure we would have.), we always just had Tara pick. Not surprisingly, she picked laying out on the beach!

My tan needed some end of summer help, so I certainly couldn't complain!

We enjoyed the meager waves, crowds, sun, and sand for most of the day, and then decided to go explore the strip. That is when we got the brilliant plan for this.

After weighing multiple options all 4 of us got henna tattooes. (Sorry Corey that the one picture I got with your face in it your eyes are closed!)

Corey got some tribal art on his leg. Jill got a dragonfly on her ankle. (No upclose pic of Jill's.)

Tara got an ankle bracelet tat.

And I got a tramp stamp. (Gotta love those love handles!)

After the henna fun and joy there was more shopping, perusing, people watching, etc. And then of course, it was mini golf and more picture taking and documenting time.

Some pictures deserve no explanations. (Plus I'm sure their stories will appear on both Tara and Shaka/Corey's blogs soon too!)

Great trip, lots of fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA!! I promise, 30 isn't so bad!


  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    erin looks like she's unleashing her natural instincts! I like the tramp stamp too!

  2. the real question is do i keep the tramp stamp? get a permenant one?

  3. Zwoelfet11:24 AM

    Since you went to all the trouble to have the last tat removed (at least, I'm assuming it was a lot of trouble), why go for another one? (Unless it was the theme of the old one)

    I'd say "no" to the stamp--why (permanently) mark yourself as something you're not?

  4. Actually the removal of the first one was done by a surgeon and against my will. I miss it.
    And while I'm not a "tramp," I am a bit bohemian. I like the stamp. I think having a little hidden secret on me is very much who I am.

  5. Anonymous11:43 PM

    BS ERINANNIE! YOU NEVER HAD A TATOO in your life. WOW you are such a liar!


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