Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hooters, Tats, Iron Bladder and me

Tonight Steph
aka Iron Bladder and I found ourselves rather involved with the discussion boards on LDS Linkup. It all started with a post on Smash's blog about a rip off on her blog being passed around Linkup. (For those unfamiliar with LDS Linkup it is essentially just a really big online community/bulletin board for LDS.) To help even the score for Smash, I stole the below poop story and put it on my old blog.

But back to me and Steph, and Jules actually. I noticed Juli had made some comments about tattoos on a discussion board. I read it and found myself commenting. And then I shared with Steph (aka on Linkup as Blue Jean Girl). And she commented. And then somehow we ended up on the Hooters discussion board, and well, we'll just be lucky if Sherpa (a moderator on linkup) doesn't kick us off soon.

Basically Steph and I (and Juli a wee bit) were defending tats. Steph has one. I used to have one. I love them on men, and a little on women. If there are any non-mormons reading this, I should probably explain that a few years ago the prophet of our church declared tattoos a defiling of the body. He didn't say go out and erase the ones you have though. My argument is that not all tats defile the body. What do you think? Good, bad, ugly? Personal, private, and beautiful?

And then on this other board people were debating the evils of eating at Hooters. And well, needless to say Steph and I are possibly the only 2 LDS females on the planet in favor of eating hot wings at Hooters. And it is our comments on there that might get us dinged a bit by our favorite moderator. So you know where I stand, and where Steph stands really, so I want to know where you stand? Is Hooters pure evil? Just another sports bar? Good wings, bad place? I invite you to answer.


  1. wait, you were up at 2:00 am debating on linkup? Tell me the two of you weren't battling insomnia debating the validity of Hooters?

  2. Hooters: Never ate there, but if I was given the chance, I'd eat there.

  3. 1. you USED to have a tat?
    2. i have no problem eating wings at hooters, but frankly, i don't think they are all that good. give me the wing factory any day!

  4. we all have our own special way of battling insomnia. mine is defending hooters apparently.

    but i agree- wing factory is oh so much better.

    and yes, my tat is past tense.

  5. I never really defended tats. Just slammed the stupid judgemental idiot who told a girl she was a whore for having them. I don't really care either way if you have them--I wouldn't get one because it's not my style. And I've never eaten at Hooters. I'm afraid I'll come out of there with job offers

  6. Zwoelfet11:05 PM

    Tattoos: Depends on what, size, location, how many, etc. Big tattoos, and/or a lot of them, is like shouting. It can work if there's a coherent design/theme, but it's usually just a lot of (loud) noise. Just looks bad.
    A couple small ones, without offensive themes/items, CAN look good (but usually don't). Just not a big fan.

    Hooters: Over rated, over priced place, with marginally good food. Then again, not terribly big on wings, so I've never bothered to go.
    Which means I'm basing this on second-hand info, but that's enough for me to not feel compelled to go. (Which is different from feeling compelled not to go).

  7. zwoelfet-
    actually hooters is really cheap!

    beware the mamba jambas!

  8. Anonymous11:18 PM

    LDS members need to abide by what the Prophet has said about tatoos.
    Hooters disrespects women.There are only 2 big reasons why majority of people eat there and it's not the food and the service!


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