Monday, August 21, 2006

Lucky Post #700

I'm in the new house. YEAH!!

Things going well-
I have set up the wireless internet without incident in the new place.

Things not going well-
My cell phone doesn't work within a 2 block radius of this house. I've tried realigning my phone with the service, but alas, nothing. (To the three people who have left me voice mail today, please forgive me for not calling you back.)

I have officially lost the motivation to finish moving. I have no energy and way too much going on this week. There's only a few things left at the old place, and I still have to paint the whole place. But you know, it was only 2 months rent for the deposit. Maybe I don't need that back after all. Which is more important anyway? Sleep and sanity? Or money? I can't decide.


  1. hurrah for the new house! can't wait to see it now thati'm a day's drive away!

  2. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Hopefully, self dignity and not irresponsibility will allow you to leave your prior place of residence in a satisfactory manner. I wouldn't damage bridges anymore than I would have to.

  3. No worries Anonymous. My love of money will win out and I'll find the hidden energy to clean it up. $1300 is enough incentive to make even me sweep a floor.

    And Jules- not that you don't have a lovely new house with a lovely new yard yourself, that I can't wait to come and see, but yes, this has is much more conducive to little girls visiting than any of my previous 12 dwellings. We have to start planning our first road trip!

  4. Roadtrip!!

    oh, EA now lives less than a mile away. Hmm..oh, I mean, "welcome neighbor!"

  5. hello neighbor.

    have i mentioned how excited i am to live so close to sherpa, bond girl, iron bladder, and anne? and of course, rae, who will be less than 3 feet away. too bad we couldn't all be closer and in arlington. but i like falls church too.


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