Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A New Low in Blogging

Tonight was the first new roommate bonding experience. I know Rae and I know Val, but Val and Rae don't know each other as well. So to get our future living situation off on the right foot, we went out to a Nats game (courtesy of my employer's free tickets) together.

Sadly, just as we got there, I had a little accident on my white tee shirt.

But Valerie just happened to have a stain stick on her, so we put it to good use. We also put the camera to good use.

Here I have documented Valerie flirting with drunk guys. Please notice how she has the attention of four guys at once. Not too shabby, Val!

We let drunk guys take our picture. Drunk guys like doing nice things for us.

What? That can't actually be a picture of Rae almost smiling and not being silly!!

Well, the non-silliness couldn't last forever!

Oh, and guess what? The stain stick worked! (I told you this was a new low in blogging!)

In other random events this evening, I got a little bit turned around in Southeast DC while driving Rae and I home. (In my defense, Rae agreed with me that there was absolutely no sign whatsoever from Benning Rd saying where to turn on to 295 S.) We drove up Benning too far for a few minutes, turned around and got our bearings straight. At a stoplight a truck pulled up next to us going the opposite way. Normally I wouldn't roll down my window for a stranger in this particular seedy section of town, but since there was a cop car behind him, and he clearly wasn't from that neighborhood, I put my window down. He then asks me if I am lost. I said no. The cop car turns on its lights and cars can no longer cross the intersection while the man talks to me. "I was hoping I could help you, you're so pretty."

Stranger than truth I tell you.

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