Monday, August 14, 2006

the rather auspicious start to the week

I should have known something was wrong with the cosmos when I woke up two hours early this morning for no good reason. And with no good reason I went to work early. And then before 8 am even came around I found out that my boss has resigned and a favored co-worker is "no longer employed" at Beretta. It's really hard to have a really great day after that kind of news. I have never felt any sort of loyalty to my company. But have felt a great deal of loyalty to my boss. His departure is earth-shaking for those of us directly affected. He's really been the best boss anyone could ever ask for. His management style reminds of me of the cliche, "where much is given, much is required." (Or is that just mormon doctrine? I never can tell.) He lets us get away with murder, and in return, we perform like hell for him. He's a best friend, father figure, and paycheck provider, all rolled in to one lump sum. It is very hard to imagine going on working there without him. In fact, the desire to leave is greater than ever now. So if anyone has any sort of leads or contacts for great jobs for meeting/trade show planners or marketing/communications planners, you know where to find me. Or better yet, if you have any strings I can pull at KBR (halliburton), I really want one of those right now.


  1. Actually, a while back I heard that Wizards was hiring an events manager. Let me check and see if that's still open...

    Yeah, we've got ( an opening for an assistant brand manager here at Wizards in Seattle, an International Marketing Manager up at Hasbro in Rhode Island, and several other RI positions... here are all the RI/MA positions all in one:

    Sure, toys and games are a long way from guns, but I tell you, the benefits of working for Hasbro are amazing. Great hours, great insurance, good bonuses (not sure how it compares to your present place).

  2. Oh, and the events thing is gone, but perhaps these leads might be of interest.


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