Thursday, August 03, 2006

Vindication, Villified, and Victory is MINE!!!!

This morning started off very early with a trip to BWI to take Miss Ruby G to her flight to Mexico. Which is how and why I got to work at 6 am. And why I left work around 2:30 and got home around 3. You've heard me whine plenty about the temperature in my apartment in the late evening, so please take a second and imagine how hot it is in the middle of the day in that sweatbox. I opened the door to my apartment and was hit full force by the heat inside. You know that blast of heat that hits your face when you open the oven? That is what it felt like in our apartment. And that is after my roommate got inventive last night and hung a bedsheet curtain thing over the door to the kitchen, cooling it off a good 10 degrees.
So I get in the apartment, and go straight for my magnet pissing boy thermometer. 100 degrees. Final straw!!! I call the landlord and have the following conversation.

Me: I know that in the past you have said our a/c works just fine. And I do realize that today is excessively hot. But I really think someone needs to come see how hot it is in here.

Landlady: The a/c unit is working fine.

Me: My thermometer says it is 100 degrees in here.

Landlady: Do you have your a/c on?

I roll my eyes, bite my tongue and don't say the sarcastic thing.
Me: Yes, all a/c is on ful blast, all windows are shut.

Landlady: Are your blinds open?

I roll my eyes, bite my tongue and don't say the sarcastic thing.
Me: Yes. I would really like it if someone would come up here.

Landlady: If it is as bad as you say, that is unhealthy. You should have called sooner. You could have killed yourself. Why didn't you report this at the beginning of the heatwave? Or earlier today?

Me: Because in the past you have just told us it was working just fine. And generally we are at work in the middle of the day. You just caught me on an off day.

Landlady: I don't know if we have anyone who can come over on such short notice. Is it okay in there right now?

Me: My thermometer says it is nearly 100 degrees. That isn't okay. No.

Landlady: I don't know what you did to break that a/c unit. But I'll see if I can find someone to get over there in 20 minutes.

About 5 mins later the maintenance guy knocks and I open the door for him. I'm bright red from the heat and sweating profusely.

The heat hits him in the face. Maintenance Man: Woah, do you have your a/c on?

Me: Yes, full blast, both units.

MM: Are you sure?

I roll my eyes, bite my tongue and don't say the sarcastic thing.
Me: Yes.

MM: Well it isn't working.

Me: Thanks for noticing.

He looks at our inventive little curtain over the kitchen doorway, and peeks through it. He quickly pulls back out of the kitchen because it is about 15 degrees hotter in there. "Damn."

I nod.

MM: Well, that a/c unit isn't froze up. But it ain't workin'. I will get you a different one installed first thing tomorrow. It is old and loud, but it'll blow real good. You'll be cold in no time.


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