Friday, September 08, 2006

The Battle for a Young Girl's Heart and the Title of Prince Charming

Once upon a time there was a young lady who had a little indecision problem. She never could make up her mind. Or rather, she could make up her mind, but then change it again very quickly for various reasons. But she was capable of making a decision. It was just sticking to it that she couldn't do. This made for a very complicated love life at times. She recently made a decision that lasted several whole days. For her this was rather ground-breaking. That never ever happens! Much to the delight of several friends, she thought she had seen the light and decided on just one boy. There had been another boy in the picture, but boy #1 outshone him, and she picked him. It was nothing against #2, for he was a very good choice as well. For several days she was happy with her choice. But then #2 turned on his guy radar and figured out she had started to stray away from his rather magnetic tractor beam. So he turned on the charm and confused her. To make matters worse, #1 chose this exact same time to disappear without a good warning or explanation. The girl is quite happy with her choice on #1. But it is very hard to hold on to light, in spite of how hard she tries. Magnets really can pull you in better than a moth to a flame, and other stupid cliches and analogies.

What should the girl do? Stick with her decision and stand strong? Or allow #2 to change her mind again? After all, it was only a few weeks ago that #2 was the #1, and #1 was nearly a #3. But then #1 figured out there was a #2 and fought his way to the top, securing the #1 position. Well, almost securing it. It's funny how guys react to competition, always wanting to be #1. She really wants #1 to stay in his place, but really, a girl shouldn't have to get short-changed in the attention department just because a guy gets distracted. After all, this is a fairy tale, right? A girl can dream!

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