Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Big 6

Last January I was working on the upcoming trade show calendar when I realized that 4 of my 5 most stressful events were going to all occur in a six week back to back period. So I have had the last 8 months to dread the next six weeks. And it has finally hit. I'm finally here getting ready for liftoff. There's still lots to do, and it will never really feel like I have completed everything. But I'm ready. Bring on the bizarre shipping mishaps, bring on the lost documentation, bring on the freak show gun nuts, and bring on the scary old men who want to tell me how to use a gun. Because, really, how much could a girl standing in a gun manufacturer's trade show booth really know about the product she's spent the last 8 months preparing to show?

Bring it on!


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