Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Go Nats!

Over the last several years when *everyone* kept talking about bringing major league baseball to DC I really couldn't have cared less. Big deal, who cares about baseball anyway? But when Mayor Williams did finally score us a team, I did a little excited over the idea of a home town team. But I still didn't care at all for baseball, so again, big deal! And then the Red Sox made it to the Series, and I worked for a guy who was more than just a little Sox fan. Therefore, I learned a LOT about the National Pasttime in a very short period of time (most of it on one business trip to California). So when the Nats finally came to DC, and suddenly everyone and their brother started scoring free tickets, I actually went to the games and even knew enough to follow along. But now... now that has all changed. Now I actually like baseball. I like Soriano, tolerate Lopez (he hasn't won me over yet), and LOVE Zimmerman. In fact, here's a picture of Zimmerman at bat. Oh, and I should mention that after Vidro's beautiful home run last night, I'm becoming a fan of him as well. So the Nats beat the Braves last night 9-2, and the new guy Perez had a decent showing.
But even after all my new Nats love, I still have a lot to learn about baseball. For instance, would someone please explain the difference in pants to me? Why do some guys have the traditional knicker length pants, and some guys have what appear to just be running pants on? And, for the love of Pete would someone please explain to me why on Saturday night when Soriano stole second he got a freaking standing ovation, and a big deal was made about taking the base off the field and giving it to him? But then last night when pinch hitter Lombard stole both second and third no one really cared? I'm so confused.
And much love and thanks for a fun evening to Steph for scoring the tickets, and Rae, Boo, and Hugh for the excellent company.

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  1. Hey thanks....once you find out the pant thing can you share your wisdom. I am still thinking it is a comfort in wear what you like.


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