Friday, September 01, 2006

Got Traffic?

Thursday night was one of those, "Why do I live in DC again?" traffic moments. Generally my commute home is about 45 minutes. However, on this special night it took me 45 minutes just to go 45 feet. Cause of the back up? 18 wheeler vs 5th wheel vs Geo Metro. 6 fire engines, 1 ambulance, and 1 air lift later, they ONLY had to block 8 lanes of traffic (2 directions) to clear the scene. Please note how the accident was in the southbound lanes (mine), but they also were kind enough to block the northbound lanes. I was a fire fighter, I'm sympathetic. But then they landed the bird in the southbound lanes! Whatever. The good news is I still made it to Bilbo Baggins (the restaurant) for dinner with my cousin on time. The bad news? It took me 1 hr, 45 minutes total to get the 22 miles from my office to the restaurant. (It should have only taken me 22 mins.) Posted by Picasa


  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    you cracked me up E! you were never a firefighter! i bet you were a firefighter for training or something. you got yourself fired because of your attitude; not get a long with people, remember? why do you continue to lie too much about yourself? trying to impress people? becareful, many people have been reading your blog.

    i am totally surprised that you still don't understand why many guys don't contact you back. you don't get it! simple answer is they are NOT interested in you. get over it and move on. quit stalking! you are really scaring them off.

  2. I was never a fire fighter? Hmm.. that's funny. I sure do remember going through fire school, and working at a fire department. Strange, I also remember getting my EMT. Granted, I was a volunteer, but just as certified as a professional. Oh, and I went on to become a paid and professional 911 dispatcher. Whoever you are, you really don't know crap about me.
    Oh, and I've never been fire from any job. Ever. So, um, go check your facts.

  3. anonymous coward. stop hiding behind your monitor and saying mean things to people you don't know anything about.

  4. Zwoelfet12:16 AM

    Anon, looks like you're the one doing the stalking and (potentially) scaring.
    If you got rejected once upon a time or something, get over it and move on.
    Physician heal thyself, etc.


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