Sunday, September 17, 2006

Not a beautiful sabbath morn

It is 10:30 on Sunday morning. I should have been at church 1.5 hours ago. But I woke up with a continuing stomach bug (we're on day 4) and a raging headache. I've managed to migrate from the bedroom to the living room, but definitely don't have the energy to make it back to my room. There is a bug outside of the window that is making some god awful high pitched noise. It's not a cricket. I have attempted to throw a sandal in the general direction of the piercing sound, but there is a glass table between here and there, and I'm feeling fairly weak. I think I better not throw the second shoe. But, heaven help me, that bug needs to die!

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  1. Zwoelfet11:27 PM

    Sorry you're feeling so poorly; impressed you're able to post twice despite it. Hope you start feeling better soon.


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