Sunday, October 01, 2006

Apparently people actually read this stuff

So when we last left my love life, or lack thereof, there was Guy #1 and Guy #2. Guy #2 had actually finally knoced #1 out of line, but I was keeping their numbers the same. Well, today I am "happy" to report that #2 is firmly in second place again. Guy #1 is firmly ensconsed in first place, and doing a great job of eliminating his competition. Guy #2 just manages to let me down and doesn't seem to care that he does so. (Which makes it really easy to forget about him.) Guy #1 is doing a great job of freaking me out. I keep giving him perfectly good reasons to wake up and realize I'm not this little perfect girl he thinks I am. I'm not scaring him off. I don't get it! He just may be around for the long haul!

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