Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bye Bye Boston

It has been the strangest thing this week. I have worked for six months on this event. It is our biggest event of the year. We slave for this event. We kill ourselves over this event. We kill ourselves at this event. We work our butts off at this event. I stress out at this event. I go crazy under the pressure and almost always snap. And we eat amazing food at this event. But not this year. Something bizarre happened this year. Nothing happened. The first day of the show was a bit hairy for me as I had to make some crazy last minute changes. But then- poof! No problems. It has been the easiest, simplest, smoothest, and dare I say most boring, show we have ever done. Bizarre.
Boston didn't disappoint as far as food went. This week I have enjoyed lobster bisque, lamb and twice stuffed potatoes at the Stanhope Grill (absolutely divine), clam chowder and soft shell crab at Turner Fisheries, pear tart with arugala salad with pork loin, marshmallow and mango glaze, and truffle mac and cheese at 33 Restaurant, and last but not least, the clam chowder, New England Lobster Bake, oysters, clams, shrimp, and seaweed salad at Legal Seafood. I am ready to explode now!!

I did have a funny experience at 33 Restaurant though. I excused myself to "make a head call." (The sign I have been around cops and military too much is when I start using phrases such as "make a head call" without blinking.) The restaurant was very upscale and trendy. There were no directional signs to the bathrooms, but I did find 2 doors, side by side that were in a location you would expect the head to be in. But for the life of me I couldn't figure out which was mens or womens. So I just stood there hoping for a clue. No one went in or out of the doors for a good minute, and my bladder insisted I made a decision, so I chose door #2, and went in. Much to my relief, it was empty, and there were no urinals inside. I took care of business, washed my hands, and exited the bathroom. I ran smack into a woman standing in exactly the place I had while contemplating which room was which. She immediately said, "Oh thank goodness! I couldn't tell the rooms apart!" And she quickly ran into the bathroom. I was just glad to see I wasn't the only person who couldn't tell the squiggly lines on the doors apart!!

All in all, I'm exhausted and can't wait to get home again!

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