Friday, October 27, 2006

Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and then back to Virginia, Maryland, and then Utah

Driving to Fairport, NY to help Juli's daughter lose a tooth tonight. And then, obviously, shop with Juli. Hey, these things are important!
I'll be back Sunday night, just in time to do some quick laundry, re-fold some clothes, transfer to a suitcase, and fly to Utah for 5 days.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to pack for a trip like this?

Work day (not baggy jeans, favorite blazer, non comfy shoes)
Drive 7 hours in freezing rain (baggy jeans, sweatshirt, comfy shoes)
Pull a tooth (pajamas needed)
Shop with Jules (jeans, favorite sweater)
Trunk or Treat with J's girls (jeans, really freaking heavy coat)
Drive 7 hours again (baggy jeans, sweatshirt, comfy shoes)
Church meetings (run in house, change to a dress and boots)
Work day (slacks, sweater, etc)
Drive 4 hours to get Mom and car taken care of (who cares?)
Fly to Utah (comfy baggy pants, sweatshirt, slip off shoes for security purposes)
Trick or treat with nephews (Betty Rubble costume)
Pilates classes with sister (work out clothes)
Somewhere between 1-4 dates while there (don't ask) (having no clue what activities will be on these dates, have to pack for pretty much everything- good jeans, favorite shirt, brown boots, other favorite shirt, and something warm cause i think we're doing something outside in one case)
Dinner with girlfriend (black sweater, jeans, black boots)
Breakfast with cousins (jeans, sweater, no pressure)
Hiking with friend (hiking jeans, sweatshirt, tennis shoes)
Play with nephews clothes (jeans, tee shirts)
Shop and movies with my sister (where anything I want- it's just my sister)

So far that would be 4 pairs of shoes and 3 different pairs of jeans for a 5 day trip. I'm starting to think I prefer business trips! Tan pants, check! Black pants, check! Company polo shirts, check! Ugly and yet comfortable trade show shoes, check! And we're good to go!

Have a good weekend! I know I will!

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