Monday, October 02, 2006

No Crazy Lady Today

Albuquerque Sunset

And the obligatory hotel room self-portrait

On Saturday night when I checked into the hotel the front desk clerk kept changing her mind about which room to give me. But the room I am in was the only one that fit my requirements (minimum queen sized bed and non-smoking). So after getting wishy washy two or three times, she finally gave me my keys, and quickly ran off. I grabbed my suitcase and took the elevator to my room. When I got up to my room the front desk clerk was trying a key on my door already! She then explained VERY quickly that there is a crazy lady who apparently likes to break into my room. "But she's been better lately." But she (the front desk clerk) just wanted to make sure my room was empty before I got in there. Conveniently? My room was empty, and it was all mine. That was Saturday night. I would have asked for a different room, but the place is sold out right now.
On Sunday evening when we got back to the hotel I walked past the front desk again and the front desk clerk quickly asked me if I had seen the crazy lady, or if she had caused me any problems. Um, no?
But now I can't shake this bad dream I had on Saturday night. It was just a dream, right? I never have bad dreams, and this one was uncomfortably real. I dreamed that someone came into my hotel room and was on top of me. Not hurting me, but just laying down on top of me trying to squish me and whispered something scary in my ear. I tried to wake myself up out of the dream and into reality, but I just couldn't do it. At the time I kept thinking it was because the linens on the bed were so tightly tucked in that I couldn't move or turn over. I sleep on my stomach so I couldn't see if someone was really on me. And now I just can't stop freaking out about it. What if it wasn't a dream? What if the crazy lady did come into my room? Could it have been real?? Either way, I am sleeping with my room booby-trapped (and by booby trapped I mean the ironing board up against the door so I'll hear it if it falls) tonight!


  1. Update: At 20:30 booby trap firmly in place.
    21:07- booby trap falls over all on its own and causes me to scream and pee my pants.
    21:10- finish blog update, clean up pee, devise new booby trap.

  2. LOL...only you would get the crazy lady. It always could have been a perverted ghost. ~mayorjules

  3. How do you shoot such amazing self-portraits? I can never get mine to turn out looking remotely normal. I think all photos of me should be taken at least 20 feet away. :)

  4. SistyUgler11:03 AM

    El Creepo!


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