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20th Annual Northern Virginia Single Adult Conference

20th Annual Northern Virginia Single Adult Conference
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For the last several months all of my free time (that isn't consumed by blogging) has been devoted to planning the 20th Annual Northern Virginia Single Adult Conference. When I was first approached about planning this conference I groaned and begged for mercy. After all, I've been to this conference once before- as a speaker. Juli and I were writing our column on singles and dating still and had been invited to speak at this conference on exactly that- singles and dating. I think Juli will second me when I say it was one of the most depressing experiences of my life. I was days away from turning 30 and standing in front of this "singles" (and therefore by the LDS Church definition over 31 yrs old) was eye opening and depressing. I think we found that in a room of 100 singles, probably 70 were over 50, and there was maybe 20 men in the room. And the awful thought that I would be forced into joining their ranks as an "older single" really made me miserable. So you can only imagine how I felt when I found out Jeremy and I would be spearheading up the conference this year.
Our first change? Make it something we actually want to attend. Our second change- if I am in charge there will never be a dance in a church building. And third- make it big enough and exciting enough that the locals will want to be there.
And to be honest with you, I think we have done exactly that!
So by way of this blog, I am now plugging and pushing the conference even more.

This isn't your average LDS conference. Let's just say we kicked it up a notch.
How does an award winning band from Nashville sound?
A formal dance at the National Press Club? With caviar, chocolate bar, crab cakes, and more?
A piano concert in the Holeman Lounge of the Press Club with renowned pianist Marvin Goldstein?
A catered lunch?
Speed Dating?
A service project to benefit Walter Reed Army Medical Center?
Famous speakers on the conference theme of service to God, country, and man? For instance Scot and Maurine Proctor speaking on building a successful business out of their religious and political beliefs. President and Sister Banks speaking on Temples and Singles.
Sitting in a chair all day listening to lectures isn't your thing? (me neither) We have fun workshops being planned that are hands on and informative. For instance, we have a well-known voice teacher and choir director coming to teach you how to direct music.
We have several big names invited that we can't quite yet release that will not disappoint!

I know that for most of the people reading this, attending this conference would require some travel. All I can say is, this conference will be worth it. And most of you are also thinking you are too young to attend this conference. That is where you would be wrong. I'll be 32 in January and Jeremy just turned 32. We're the ones in charge, and we're making this conference so that it appeals to all ages of singles. And we're making sure the social activities allow for a self-selective segregation of ages. We don't expect 27 yr old women to want to socialize with 60 yr old men, and we're taking that all into account. If I have to spend 6 months planning this shindig, it has to be fun enough for me to enjoy as well. And considering I hate nothing more than attending these sorts of things, you had better believe it is saying something if I think this one will actually be fun. I've never done any event like this in a small or minor way. Trust me when I say I plan to make this one my best one yet. (And hopefully my last one.)

Check out the website, and register today. You can pay by check, paypal, cash, whatever later. We just need to start getting registrations in so we can plan the budgets accordingly. Need a place to stay during the conference? We have contracted great rates with a nearby hotel. And there's always my spare couch as well.

Think about it! And come!!

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  1. Interesting...

    If I'd known about this before booking for Christmas, I might have used my free ticket to go to D.C. (Alaska also goes to D.C., and might have been easier to book.) I have that week off work, and can only get home from the 13th to Christmas Day.

    But even though I have to take an extra week of vacation instead of using the week between Christmas and New Year's (which is given to us), I'm glad to be going home for Christmas. Didn't have the money for a ticket home, so it's good the free ticket worked.

    I'll pass the word along, though, to people I know.


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