Wednesday, November 08, 2006

how many metros have you been in?

How many metros have you been in? This is my list- DC, London, Prague, Bucharest, Brussels, Paris and Los Angeles. Not too shabby considering most of have been within the last 3 years!
Check out this site to make your own list!

Got at!


  1. justin11:51 PM

    Wow! My list is longer than yours. That actually really surprises me. My list is madrid, paris, new york, boston, san francisco, dortmund, london, milan, torino, genova, washington, and amsterdam. Salt Lake's and Portland's light rail systems weren't on the list.

  2. My list would actually could be several higher if I took metro's more often. But I'm a wimp usually and take taxis.

  3. Jules8:39 AM

    I've been on 2...New York and DC. Thanks for reminding me I need to get out more.


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