Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Paging Dr. House??

This week I have re-discovered the joys of Vicodin. Granted, I had to bruise my coccyx to find the joys, but find them I did.

Things I have done while hopped up on drugs this week-

1. Made a phone call at 1 a.m. The recipient found it amusing. Or at least in my drugged up state I perceived his response as amused.

2. Convinced myself that sleeping in full fleece sweats with a heating pad, comforter, flannel sheets, and a fur blanket was a good idea. (woke up a few hours later covered and sweat and sick)

3. Convinced myself that it had been 6 hours since my last dose of pills. When in fact it had only been three. The logic behind this was something like, "by the time i walk to the kitchen, drink some milk, take my pill, use the bathroom, and get back in bed it will have been almost 2 hours, and then it takes an hour to kick in. so really, that's like 6 hours, right?"

4. Had a very bizarre dream where an ex-boyfriend (currently married with children) got divorced, came back to me, and admitted that he only broke up with me to marry her because it is what his parents wanted. I slapped him and finally got to tell him all the things I've always wanted to say to him. Too bad I was drugged and asleep at the time, or I could have really enjoyed that.

5. Apparently got up in the middle of the night and made myself a PBJ (possibly a peanut butter and honey). The only evidence I have of this is the half eaten sandwich in my room. Either this, or the Boogeyman has been lunching in there again.

6. Made a very suggestive online pass (aka IM) at a good friend. (Who apparently doesn't believe I was stoned at the time. How do you convince people you really didn't mean it?)

Nothing too bad, nothing too bizarre. But still... I'm looking forward to tonight's dose kicking in so I can have another amusing night of sleep. (And then, really, I think it's time for me to kick the habit.) (Oh, and if you don't get the Dr. House joke in the title, you aren't watching the right TV shows. Trust me.)

Looking forward to the weekend. 2 new Veronica Mars DVDs, lots of naps, house hunting (log cabins!) and possibly (depending on my coccyx) more horseback riding. How many more days till Saturday?

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  1. you are seriously the sickest girl i know! you need to start taking better care of yourself!


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