Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another Dallin Story

Whenever you are in need of a good laugh, there's always a good Dallin story right around the corner. I've cut and pasted the latest email from Dallin's mom (my sister Natalie). Enjoy!

A few minutes before taking Tell to school, the boys began rough-housing around. Of course, it escalates to fighting. Dallin got a good kick to Tell, and Tell retaliated by charging at Dallin and shoving him into the carpeted stairs. Dallin hit his back on a step and his head snapped back. He bent over crying and so I sat on the stairs and cradled him. Then he looked up and his eyes dilated real huge and they went all loopy. His expression left his face and he went limp. He was "out", with his eyes open, for at least thirty seconds. Being frightened by this I called 911, by the time they came Dallin was all better but of course they still had to check him out. And they said that it would be best to take him into the emergency room "just in case".

So, of course I am attracting a lot of attention as families are on their way to school at that time. Within a few minutes the Bishop shows up and the primary president/friend/neighbor is outside. They take Tell to school and Porter goes to a neighbors house.

Now remember, Dallin loves medical attention. He is puddy in the paramedics' hands. He is as meek as a little lamb. He is loving every poke, prod, and sympathetic pat they give him. Remember the scene in the movie "The Sandlot" When the boy with the glasses gets mouth to mouth resistation from the pretty lifeguard and he gives that ridiculous smile? Picture that on Dallin's face as they strap him to a board and put a tight head/neck restraint on him...

Oh, good grief! They took him in the ambulance and I came later in the car. I knew he would be having a good time, so I quickly took a shower and got somewhat cleaned up. Why do these things have to happen when people are still in their pajamas? Stupid looking pajamas?

So, when I got to the hospital two of the firemen where still with him and Dallin was bouncing around on his bed saying "This is fun!" Oh, good grief! So, needless to say he is fine but my nerves are shot. We stayed there for about an hour and a half for observation. The doctor thinks that maybe it wasn't a concussion but more that he fainted from the pain. (He is a chip off the old block!)

I just wanted you to have the ridiculous image of your grandson/nephew with a huge smile on his face while being strapped to a board with a neck brace on. Only Dallin.

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