Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ed and Alicia's Wedding

Today I had the absolute pleasure of attending one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. My good friend Ed married the absolute most beautiful inside and out woman I have ever met, Alicia in the DC Temple, and then had a lovely reception in Arlington later. I met Ed a year ago when he converted to the LDS Church and started attending my ward (congregation). It wasn't long after that that we became friends and started talking about our love lives. Back in April or so he told me about Alicia, and how great she was. But then told me that he wanted to make sure he didn't move too fast, and wanted to date lots of LDS girls, just in case they were all as wonderful as Alicia. Having never met Alicia, this seemed like a decent theory at the time. So I was a supportive friend and even set him up with a few girls. But after giving it all a very good try (at figuring out if all Mormon women are created equally wonderful), he told me that no one quite measured up to Alicia. I told him I trusted his taste, but wasn't going to agree with him until I had met her. It was just a few days later that I very unexpectedly got to not just meet Alicia, but share a bed with her at Duck Beach! And from the very first moment I saw them together I knew that they were perfect for each other. Have you ever seen a couple and just known they would get married some day? That was Ed and Alicia for me. So, being friends with the guy, this meant I had to set out to become friends with Alicia as well. That took just about no effort whatsoever, and I have enjoyed getting to know her throughout their relationship. And one of the happiest moments of the reception tonight was when I realized that, for a change, this couple wouldn't be moving away or disappearing now that they are married. In fact, it will only get better since Alicia will now be in our ward!

Fun little silly facts about Ed and Alicia, and my connection to them.
Ed's last name is Walters. This is my maternal grandmother's maiden name.
Alicia is also my mother's name. So Alicia Walters is sort of my mother's name as well.
Alicia is an interior designer, just like my mom.
Ed is on my email list at work for top DoD officials to send press releases to.

Now! On with the pictures!

Alicia dancing with her nephew. How cute!!

Somewhere in the course of the evening Leah and I thought it would be funny to pose as drunk people. But we're sober.

Mucho props to the bride for wearing absolutely stunning shoes!!

Caleb (Ed's son) definitely inherited his father's dance moves!

I loved that the DJ played "She's Got Legs (she knows how to use them)" for the garter removal and toss. Cracked me up! But can you also see how beautifully decorated the wedding was?

Me and Deb. We may or may not have cried during the ring ceremony. Not that we would ever admit it if we did.

Alicia did not disappoint on decorations (you knew an interior designer wouldn't!). She brought in a huge tent that filled the entire cultural hall, hung lights, and had gorgeous flower bouquets on each table. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Lance scored extra points with the ladies tonight by twirling around with Ed's daughter Abbie. (How cute are those flower girl capes and dresses??)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walters III

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