Thursday, December 21, 2006


I am officially exhausted and it has nothing to do with the Christmas thing happening next week. Christmas is still pretty much just something people are doing on Monday, there's a tree at my parents' house, and I noticed there are a few wrapped things under it, and rumor has it we're eating good that day. But other than that, I'm pretty oblivious to the event. I'm exhausted because the biggest work event of the year is happening two weeks from Saturday. And the big, gigantic, overwhelming singles conference starts a week from tomorrow. I wasn't going to give anyone any presents this year, but on Tuesday night I caved and bought 4 of the 6 family members presents in just one store, in less than one hour. I rock. The other 2 family members got presents, and that took less than 5 minutes during a lunch break on Wednesday. There are no decorations in my house, I've only sung what Christmas carols were on the program on Sunday, and I've only received one card (thank you Anne!). I'm telling you, Christmas is just something some people are doing on Monday. And it is no cause of my overwhelming exhaustion.
My point? I'm tired. And if I fail to act interested in your excitement in Christmas, forgive me and excuse me.
I asked myself for a few days if I wanted to have some emotional and spiritual experience next week. And whether or not there is something wrong if you don't "experience" Christmas? Why can't it just be another day that some people care about and others don't? Would it really even be noticed that much if gift giving wasn't a major part of it? And the stores didn't go all out crazy for it?
A few years back I spent Thanksgiving-Christmas Eve in Prague. My experiences and memories there are for another day, hopefully one that will never come. But the one thing that struck me there is how the stores weren't all decked out. And the closer we got to Christmas there wasn't some crazy massive flurry of activity. But then about a week before Christmas in the middle of the town square lots of trees appeared and the fish vendors (in Prague you have a big fish, not a ham or a turkey) with their big buckets and big nasty fish were on the corners. But the stores never went wild. And trust me, I went into a lot of stores. I'm pretty sure that I went into every store in the Stare Mesto, Nove Mesto, and Mala Strana, and everything in between.
My point... yeah, I'm getting there. I'm exhausted people, it's hard to think straight. My point, I hate Prague. It's really not the town for me. But I really liked the way they did Christmas. Americans could learn a lot from that.
If I wasn't so freaking tired and overwhelmed and thinking about direct boxes and monitors for a band right now, I'd go off on the whole reason we even have Thanksgiving when we do just to boost the economy and sales and make Christmas bigger. And you know what? That makes me less thankful for Thanksgiving. But I'm too tired to really fully develop my thoughts on that, because I've moved on from direct boxes and wondering about transporting poinsettas, and more importantly, how do you spell poinsettas?
I'm stopping now. Did I mention I'm a little tired? And maybe just a little scattered?

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  1. jules8:51 AM

    poinsettia? And I can't believe you didn't get my card! I'm going to send 3 more to replace it, with the hopes that one will actually show...


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